Geralt of Rivia

By ffetuo | Everything about everything | 25 May 2019

 Probably everyone has heard of the popular computer game "The Witcher", but not everyone knows that the game was created based on the series of novels "The Saga of the Witcher" by Polish science fiction writer Andrzej Sapkowski.
 The main character of these novels is the monster exterminator - The Witcher, whose name was Geralt. He was a thin, tall, middle-aged man with white hair. The witch's body was completely covered with scars from the damage that he received when he fought with monsters or people. Geralt had a lightning reaction, tremendous strength, increased metabolism. Geralt of Rivia liked to dress in a black leather jacket, which was covered with silver rivets on the cuffs and shoulders.
 His friend Buttercup said that Geralt walks in some kind of rags, because he thought that the witcher did not have enough money for normal clothes, although this was not so, he just had to constantly spend the night in inns and feed the horses.
He earned money mainly by hunting monsters, having previously signed a contract with an employer. Geralt has a rather hard character. Although some traits indicate to us that the Witcher is straightforward, honest, discreet, prudent. Almost all decisions he makes deliberately, prudently, not on a hot head. The Witcher has a sharp tongue, and in general he has a peculiar sense of humor. According to his personal convictions, he never participated in the political life of a fictional kingdom. However, it was still involved in the intrigues between the confrontation of the northern kingdoms and the southern country Nilfgaard.
 In total, Sapkowski released 8 novels about the Witcher, the last of which was published in 2013. The first story was written by a writer far in 1983 as a test for participation in a literary contest. In 1986, the first novel of the series entitled "Last Wish" was published. Thus, Geralt from Rivia has become one of the most beloved game characters of modern youth, in the near future there will be an American-made series where they promise to recreate the atmosphere that is present in the series, and Geralt will be as much as a book as much as possible. Using modern technology.



190903265-35bd1ab019f1e01e26f7c90462980bae15c54f4142a5ed529b49b015d6869e1f.jpegHenry Cavill in the role of The Witcher

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