The Basics of Upland Game Wealth Building

By Marcusblue | Musings About Crypto | 30 Apr 2022

Upland is a real estate metaverse on the EOS blockchain that enables players to earn NFTs and digital property with fiat value. It also has an added taste of adventure via game exploration and connecting with other Upland players.

It tears down the walls between the virtual and real world. The virtual properties are mapped to real-world locations and historic landmarks and players get to digitally own the virtual properties. The Upland game is available on iOS, Android, and browsers.

The company was founded as UplandMe in 2018 and debuted in Beta in 2020. Dirk Lueth, Mani Honigstein, and Idan Zuckerman were able to raise $1.8 million then, but in November 2021, they were able to raise $18 million at a $300 million valuation led by Animoca Brands and others. The company is intent on bringing in more corporate brand partnerships and players into Upland.

One of the attractive offerings in Upland is that players can earn and build their wealth. Players can earn in-game and make real money by earning, trading, or selling NFTs. Upland has two in-game currencies; UPX is used to buy properties and Spark is used to develop assets, e.g. houses or cars on the properties.


You can progress in Upland using in-game freebies and earnings or you can invest money early on to speed up the process. Depending on which option you decide to take, you will need helpful strategies I laid out below to earn in-game currencies (UPX and Spark) and build your wealth:

Earn More UPX Through Referrals
You can try Upland via this link where new players get a 6,000 UPX bonus (this is 2,000 UPX more than the normal bonus). Furthermore, when you refer Upland to your friends, both you and your friend will get a 50% bonus of UPX through the store here.

Daily Login UPX and Spark Bonus
Busy sometimes? Don't worry, the Upland team perfectly understands, while at the same time not restricting yourself from getting some bonus you deserve supporting Upland! Every day, when you connect for the first time, you earn a 100 UPX bonus, not bad eh?

Also, there are select periods when consecutive logins to Upland for 7 days award a variable amount of Spark. Spark is one of the utilities of Upland and an exciting one as well. It is a resource in Upland that enables players to build structures on their property. In the future, players will not only build houses but also outdoor decor and cars. Spark is non-transferable and cannot be sold.


Buy Upland Properties to Earn UPX Annual Yield
Owning a property in Upland will be the foundation of your wealth-building.

When you own a property, you will earn an annual yield in UPX that can be collected every three (3) hours. In Upland, there are three types of properties:
a. With an owner and not for sale.
b. With an owner but for sale. Only the Uplander and above status can buy these types of properties.
c. With no owner and for sale. The Visitor can only buy these types of properties.


You can boost this annual yield by placing your properties in Upland Collections. More of this later.

It is easy to expect that old Upland cities have most of their properties sold out. If ever a Visitor status owns properties in the older cities and is inactive for one week (fails Visa renewal), his account is deleted and properties are returned into the Upland game.

When you own a property and other Upland players visit your property, a visitor fee is paid. For example, this may be because of treasure hunting (more on this later). In my opinion, the visitor fee is not a big source of revenue, but visitors can help you reach the Uplander status, especially if you are playing for free.

Level Up Status
There is a hierarchy in the Upland game and your level reflects your net worth. Net worth is the sum of your total liquid UPX value plus the property value. Below are the six Upland game statuses:
1. Visitor (<10k UPX): You are required to renew your Visa once a week and you are not able to sell or trade properties. You can buy Fair Start Act (FSA) properties, which other levels (Pro and upper) will not be able to mint, except if they buy it via the secondary market.
2. Uplander (10k - 100k UPX): Visa renewal is no longer required starting at Uplander status. Plus your owned properties are forever registered on the EOS blockchain so you will be able to sell or trade your properties.
3. Pro (100k to 1M UPX): At this level, you will soon be eligible to obtain, trade, and lease business licenses. You will also have exclusive access to market data and reports, and other exclusives.
4. Director (1M - 10M UPX): Spark rewards custom-made objects will start at this level. You have a guaranteed 0.5 spark reward and you will be eligible to receive a custom-made Block Explorer.
5. Executive (10M - 100M UPX): You have a guaranteed 1.0 spark rewards and you will be eligible to receive a custom-made 3D object to place on one of your properties.
6. Chief Executive (> 100M UPX): You have a guaranteed 2.0 spark rewards and you will be eligible to receive a custom-made 3D object to place on one of your properties.


Based on the above, your initial strategy should be to pursue being an Uplander in the game at a minimum so you can start buying, selling, and trading properties. Also, when you receive a Visitor on your property, you will only receive the accumulated visitor fees once you reach the Uplander status.

Leverage New City Release Opportunities
A new city release is a great feature of the game that offers you the opportunity to build your wealth. Upland releases new cities regularly as the user base grows.

Most strategy guides will either not mention new city releases or maybe place them at the bottom of the list. But you should think about it this way, you can build wealth from your existing properties, while also hunting for new properties to invest in. That is how to manage and build your wealth!

The latest new city release was last April 13, 2022, in Queens, New York and there are still properties available.

Maybe, you are thinking most of the lucrative properties were bought already in the recent city release. Do we expect more new city releases shortly? An increasing user base will always need more properties to buy and cities to conquer and per DappRadar, Upland's user base has risen for the past month.


To make sure you are ready for the next city release, you can monitor new city releases at Upland discord or Twitter or through this link ( 

Complete Upland Collections
Upland Connections are one of the core wealth-building features of the Upland game. Simply put, properties in a collection have a higher markup value. This is much like the Monopoly game's concept of "house" or "hotel", you won't get a house/ hotel if you do not have a complete color set of properties. You have to admit, deep inside, we are all collectors by heart, and the Upland team surely knows how to tickle your fancy.

You can boost your wealth-building if you acquire a certain number of properties of the same characteristics and place them in a collection (go to Collection, tap on the property to assign it to a collection). Wealth boost comes in two forms,
1. Collection bonus: this is a one-time bonus for each new collection you complete. When you acquire the required number of properties, you can put them in a collection, and a bonus is paid.
2. Earnings boost: this is an increase in the yield percentage you get from your owned properties. A 1.5X boost will earn you 1,500 UPX, instead of the monthly earning of 1,000 UPX.

There are five levels of collections as seen in the image (Source here) below; Standard (blue), Limited (purple), Exclusive (orange), Rare (red), and Ultra Rare (yellow).


The strategy to follow is to fill in the easiest collections first which are the Standard and Limited Collections. Below are the easy collections you can complete:
1. Newbie: if you own one property, you will receive an 800 UPX bonus and a 1.1x boost.
2. King of the Street: if you own three properties on the same street, you will receive a 950 UPX bonus, and a 1.3x boost.
3. City Pro: If you own 5 properties in the same city, you will receive a 1,200 UPX bonus, and a 1.4x boost.


Remember to update these collections once you get a larger or more expensive property to maximize your earnings boost. For example, for Newbie and King of the Street collections.

You can read more about other collections here.

Spark Week Activities
Watch out for Spark Week which is held every month. This is when you can obtain more Sparks for various activities. These activities include leveling up on status. general Spark sales, and special treasure hunts that include Spark rewards.


You can read more about it here.

To have an edge over others, monitor Upland's events calendar here. once you gain Sparks, you can then make it available for rent to earn more UPX which is further discussed below.

Spark Rental
As mentioned above, you get Spark upon reaching Director and above status in Upland. Spark is a rare token and because of this, it also created its market within Upland.

When constructing houses on properties, the construction time is equivalent to real-world manhours. Each structure has the required Spark hours to complete construction. For example, a townhouse requires 2600 Spark hours and if you only have 2 Sparks, you will need to wait for 54 days (2600 hours/2 spark) for it to complete. If you want to improve the construction time, you need more Spark.

If you have extra Spark that you are not using, why not rent it to other players? Players borrow Spark from other players for UPX in the UPX-Spark Exchange here.

Buy, Sell and Trade Your Properties in Upland Marketplace
True wealth building comes with effective management of your properties. That is the reason you should at least have the Uplander status so you can sell and trade your properties in the marketplace for UPX. Also, buying or trading properties on the secondary market allows you to complete collections which will earn you a bonus UPX.


Upland Treasure Hunting
Upland treasures are either UPX or Spark and players can go for a treasure hunt in the game. There are three (3) types of treasures hunts;
1. Standard: the hunt without the competition. You only need to beat the clock. You get one free hunt every 24 hours, except if you want to pay a small fee (send fee), more on this later.
2. Limited: Participate in the hunt by clicking the "treasure" button on any property. A hint will be available if a treasure is active or click the 3 dots at the bottom middle of the screen and choose treasures to see the status. You can read more about it here.
3. Exclusive: similar to Limited but less frequent, but with higher reward.

Finding the treasure is easy, just click on the vicinity of your Block Explorer. If your "Treasure" button is active in the explorer menu, arrow tracks will appear and point in the direction of the treasure. You need to be close enough to the treasure so you can take the treasure via an open window. Please bear in mind that there is a lot of competition when looking for treasure (Image source here).


When looking for treasure, you have to note that you need to pay between 5 to 100 UPX to send yourself to a specific property in the city, unless you own the property. You may not have much UPX to spare if you have the Visitor or Uplander status so spending UPX to hunt needs careful planning. Note that receiving "sends" is not assured and you may need to look for them to replenish your sends. You can learn more about sends on this link.

You need to be smart about it when looking for treasure. The tier of the city influences both the "send" fee and the amount of treasure you can collect. You can read more about it here and the city tier versus treasure hunting tier and send fees can be referred to here.

Hence, based on the above, I don't recommend diving in early to treasure hunting as part of your strategy. It is not for newbie players with a small net worth. You should strive to own as many properties as possible spread across different cities so you can send yourself to your properties to avoid spending UPX.

Open and Sell in Metaventures
Metaventures are in-game businesses in Upland that will be available to all citizens of the Upland Metaverse. You can sell assets on consignment in Metaventures for UPX. These assets can be block explorers or NFL Player Legits, etc.


The Block Explorer is your game piece in Upland. It helps you discover available properties in Upland and you can send it to your properties.

NFL Player Legits is a new suite of NFT offerings and drops in Upland that represents brands, personalities, and organizations. It aims to extend the presence of sports clubs, athletes, etc. to the Upland Metaverse. The first Legits was via a licensing agreement with the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) announced last September 7, 2021. Another was the "Spirit Halloween" launched last October 2021. Legits can be sold in Metaventure Fan Shops for UPX.

You can read more about Metaventures here.


Although not a direct feature of the game, it's good to mention other avenues where you can get free UPX and Spark as well as get the full support of the Upland Team to ensure you will have a good start in the Upland game.

Participate in Upland Freebies, Giveaways, and Activities
Upland has a Discord ( and Twitter ( channels where you can join and be one with the other Uplanders. What are the benefits? Well, for one, you can join the UPX giveaways and have more money to buy properties. They hold freebies, contests, and giveaways every day and there are a lot of fun activities to join in, such as the Upland Power Hour on their Twitch channel here.

The community channels of Upland are also a good way to reach out to other Upland players and UPX transfer can happen (without the UPX tied to an asset) between players, e.g., a player is running a contest.

A lot is happening in Upland so be sure to stay informed by joining their different channels.

Personal 1 on 1 Upland Consulting Sessions
You can either go through the above and test the water yourself or if you really want to have a great start in the Upland game - just email Upland Team here and set up a personal 1-on-1 Upland consulting session. This session will arm you with the best start strategy possible in the Upland game aligned with your strategy.

We all have different point-of-view (POV) and preferences, the Upland team is aware of this and has listed common types of strategies here.

As you can see, the strategies you can use in Upland are not that simple. You can be the "Realtor" who does not HODL his properties and is always on the lookout for trading profits or you can be the "Passive Income Earner" who HODLs properties for annual yield.


The following are play-to-earn wealth-building strategies to earn USD:

Buy and Sell Properties In Secondary Market
You can list Upland properties in the secondary market for profit in USD. Note that the prices within each Upland city are based on real-world market conditions. You can list and sell your properties for USD (subject to KYC) with sale proceeds withdrawable via Tilia and Paypal.  

To enable listing in the secondary market, you need to apply for the Upland NFT-to-USD Program. Upland and Tilia Pay established the NFT-to-USD program to enable players to earn USD for Upland assets. Per Upland here, players have already earned 1.8M dollars by trading properties in Upland. The program is simple, it enables interested players to purchase your Upland asset in USD instead of UPX.

Upland players with Uplander status are eligible to apply for the NFT-to-USD program. More information is available here and a YouTube guide is available here.



Open and Sell in Metaventures for USD
Aside from UPX, you can sell NFT assets on consignment in Metaventures discussed above for USD as well (Image source here). These NFT assets can be block explorers or NFL Player Legits, etc.



Wealth building is all about managing and increasing your in-game currency holdings and earning real money in return. Even before building your wealth, you have to know the different pathways to earn UPX and Spark first and investing these to buy more properties. Then you can sell properties or NFT assets, such as Block Explorers or NFL Player Legits in the secondary market, or open a Metaventure to sell NFT assets to earn USD.

You have to give it to the Upland team for creating various pathways for you to build your wealth in Upland. I listed these options above.  The buy, sell and trade dynamics for the NFT assets present equal opportunities for everyone to earn. Everyone will have a chance to build their wealth in Upland. So, what are you waiting for?

This article was written as a submission for #UplandWealthBuilding.

Hope I was able to provide some useful insights. Any other things you wanted to add? Please leave your comments. If you reached the end of this article, thank you. Please show your support with a like, comment, or tip. It would be greatly appreciated!

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