Using Coinbase pro as an exchange platform

Using Coinbase pro as an exchange platform

Choosing the best and secure trading platform is an important and must needed strategy in crypto space. There are many trading and exchange platform among them  coinbase pro is one of the most secure  trading and exchange platform.

Conbase and coinbase pro

Coinbase Pro is an upgraded and advance version of coinbase owned by coinbase itself. Coinbase was launched in 2013 and is one of the most trusted and secure exchange platform.

The difference between coinbase and coinbase pro is that the former is mean for beginners while coinbase pro is mean for professional and advance  traders. In coinbase pro the many feature such as detailed charts and graphs and trading options are availble which is mainly for those advance traders. Also using coinbase pro one can avoid the high fees changed for buying crypto assets using credit and debit card

Creating an account

Creating an account in coinbase pro is quite easy and there is no hard and fast rules to do so. Users have to first open their coinbase account and log into their coinbase pro account using the coinbase password and username. Verification using any certifies  Id or license is also required in order to trade in coinbase pro. As simple as that.

Features in coinbase pro

When log into coinbase pro we will see a trading pannel where users can buy or sell their crypto . On the left corner you can find the option for placing a buy order.Besides there is also market place for choosing the best market price before buying and selling your crypto asset. On the left side you can see the price chart of your selected assets.


An order book is also available in between the trade  and price chart option.


In order to deposit or move fund into  Coinbase Pro account from coinbase, go to Deposit option selection the asset to be deposited give the address where you want to deposit the asset. The process of withdrawal is also same with the above process. You only have to select the withdrawal option.

Security features in coinbase pro

A very strong security system is what we need in decentralised ecosystem. And coinbase pro provides the much needed security in its platform. It uses the same security system as tge coinbase. Coinbas pro hold 98% of all customer funds in an offline cold wallet. Thi private key is incrypted and copy to usd drives and then store in a safe box making it more secure and impossible for haker to hack the . account. There is also something called FDIC insursnce which is suitable for US citizen in order to protect theire customers.coinbase pro also provide coinbase custody which is mean for instituition.

Besides this it also provides security features like 2 factor authentication(2FA) system to protect from phising and an SMS or google Authentication  verification method. An API bot is also availabe in coinbase pro which allows coding of all  the trading  algorithm.

Available assets and supported countries

Coinbase pro support wide range of cryptocurrency available for trading .Currently  it support 29 different type of assets. And provides trading pair for USD, EURO, and sterling.

Coinbase Pro is only available in states where Coinbase, Inc. is either licensed to engage in money transmission. It is avalible in 100+ countries with some acception states in US like Hawaii.

Fees in coinbase pro

Users can Deposit their assets using different method depending on the country of the users. Its current method includes bank transfer, paypal, debit card and credit card .in coinbase pro the fee stucture is low as compare to coinbase. Depositing funds with digital assets, ACH is free and do not charge any fee. Also  withdrawal with digital assets and ACH is free but charge some amount of fees for wire and swift withdrawal.


Coinbase some times face the problem of acessing the users account mainly during high market volatility. But when it comes to security and fees structure coinbase pro is exchange platform  every traders should rely on. Besides it also has its own App both in android and IOS.





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