Crypto Winter - 5 Things I'm Doing Differently This Time

By lasthero | Everyday Father | 19 May 2021

For those who've read some of my other posts they might have gathered that I've been in the crypto scene prior to the bull run of 2017.  Since that was my first foray into crypto I didn't know what I was getting into and watching the bull run play out I thought it was going to last forever and just like that bull run this 2021 bull run won't last forever either and we're all beginning to see signs of it with the recent depressed markets. 

Last crypto winter however I hung up the crypto reading hat for awhile, put away safely all the seed phrases, didn't sign into any of my exchanges, stopped reading any news and called it a day and let everything play out over the next 2.5 years. 

I semi regretted this as soon as the 2021 bull run came and wished I had continued staying up to date on the scene as there was just so much more to learn and the scene in general had matured a bit.  In order to stay on trend and understand some of the exciting projects that are coming and capitalize, this time around I plan on doing the following:


1. Staying up to date on news - this is a given, takes up very little time but at least lets me keep my feet wet

2. Staking and participate in other methods of earning little amounts of crypto - Wished I had staked during those 2.5 years to make a bit more crypto so I wont be making this mistake this time around as well I plan on continually do small things like posting on here to earn a little bit here and there.

3. DCA Directly/Indirectly - whether this be actually buying crypto through exchanges or buying etfs tracking crypto I plan to be active to continually pump in some money whenever I can into the scene.  I believe in this long term.

4. NFTs/Metaverses - I think the whole idea of NFTs and metaverses just amazing, I plan to keep active in this scene however I can.  Whether this is to continue trying to create my own NFTs or just participating in certain NFT drops.

5. Blockchain Gaming - Blockchain gaming to me is an awesome concept, the fact that you give back ownership to players is a revolutionary idea and I plan on keeping my eyes on this scene and participating in games that feel actually worth it and have some vision.


Let me know how the rest of you plan on participating in the crypto space once the bear market/crypto winter sets in.  It might not be now, but it's going to for sure happen.

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