Everipedia’s January Editing Challenge (2020)
Everipedia’s January Editing Challenge (2020)

By Everipedia | Everipedia | 6 Jan 2020

After the success of Everipedia’s December Editing Challenge (2019), the Everipedia community has decided to start a new challenge for January. Last month the community came together to create 541 high-quality pages. This month we aim to create 1,000 high-quality pages. [1]   With this collective goal in mind, Everipedia is giving additional rewards (IQ tokens) for each person’s contributions.



    The Everipedia team will be offering bonuses to editors who take part in the challenge and create content.

  • Editors who create 15 new high-quality pages will receive 2,500 IQ.
  • Editors who create 30 new high-quality pages will receive another 5,000 IQ.
  • Editors who create 60 new high-quality pages will receive another 7,500 IQ.
  • Editors who create 90+ new high-quality pages will receive another 10,000 IQ.

All accepted pages must be within the month of January 2019 (January 1, 2019, 12:00 am PST, to January 31, 2019, 11:59 PM, PST).



    All pages must meet the following standards:

  • At least 500 characters in the page’s main body (~2 paragraphs or 150 words)
  • 1 high-resolution featured image (preferably 900×900)
  • At least 2 citations
  • At least 2 infobox items
  • At least 2 internal links (i.e. two places where additional Everipedia pages are linked within the body of the text)
  • In addition, the pages must also be in alignment with Everipedia’s guidelines to be counted towards a submission.
  • The page cannot be about something that already has a Wikipedia page


Entering the Challenge

    To enter the challenge:

  1. Add your name to this page and create your own section listing your entries under your name. (An example is provided for you.)
  2. Continue adding your entries to the page and checking for feedback from Everipedia team members, William Goodwin (EwokABdevito) and Navin Vethanayagam, on how to make sure your pages meet the standards of the challenge.
  3. Make sure all of your entries are added to the page before the deadline of January 31, 2019 at 11:59 pm PST.

The submissions will be evaluated by the Everipedia team in the two weeks after the contest’s end. Editors who achieve the 15, 30, and 60 page goals will receive their respective bonuses by February 14, 2020.


Page Ideas

    Participants can make a page about a person, place, organization, product, concept, or really anything with citations. Editors often make pages for local businesses, themselves, people they care about, or their favorite underground artists, among other topics. If your not sure where to get started we also have some lists you can work off of.  



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