Everest Avalanche !! Shhhh

By Gosh28 | Everest avalanche of 2011 | 14 Apr 2021

Recently there was an avalanche on the Mount Everest and some people died (dissappeared ??) on it. Yeah, guys should be searched, but its OK. Its everest, and they were climbing it. It ought to be adventurous- risky right ? If few people don’t die in a while then its no more adventurous or risky.  In fact it had been a while, nothing of such sort had happened in Everest. Travelling in Nepalese highways in public transport  would have been more adventurous and risky (which, as per statistics, is still more risky than climbing Everest even after this accident happened). But I think, it would have been a bit awkward to promote it as cause for tourist destination.


And you know what, my willpower for climbing Everest was accruing,  if it had continued for next few years, I might have attempted it. And if nothing of such sort had happened, I might have even succeeded, because its not dangerous, not adventurous or not risky anymore. Nothing happens there and to nobody.


But now, I am not desiring to climb it anymore. Yes, 300 expeditions were cancelled after this mishap. and I have regained the respect (or sort of 'wow' rather than 'respect') to the guys who climbed it.   Otherwise theTenzing Norgay and the son of Prachanda were almost about to be seen as parallel in my perspective in terms of courage in Mount Everest climbing. This accident, a really sad accident in fact, saved Sir Hilary's and other stupidly courageous peoples respect.


Sad part here is that the people who died - they died on-duty. They were not enjoying the pleasure of showing other people their courage. They were earning bread for their families and education for their children. In nepalese communities, a working man sustains whole family. The death of these many 'working man' means demise of the hopes of all those families and dark future of their children.

Shhhhh time to be silent !!! 


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I look at things with a mind to see what it actually is, rather than imposing on it what I believe it to be.

Everest avalanche of 2011
Everest avalanche of 2011

[A mental talk on the aftermath of Everest Avalanche of 2011. Tone: Satirical]

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