How much can you reallyu make from trading crypto?

How much can you really make per month with trading? My earnings!

The problem with trading, is that 90% of what you are exposed to online about trading is absolutely and entirely wrong.

So many fake gurus say that they turned 1k into 100k in a year, or into a million dollars.

That is simply not possible, unless they really just gambled it away on options.

In this article I will make a rough estimate of what a profitable trader can make based on their capital, with risk adversities taken into account.

I will also share my average monthly percentage gain throughout my trading career.


How much can traders really make:

On average a profitable trader can make anywhere from 4-10% on their capital per month.

I have many trader friends that make in between this range. But I do know a couple who are around the 14% per month.

What you need to understand about how much you can make depends on your risks and you exposure.

People that make more usually take much more risks that could draw their account down.

However if you keep risk relatively low, you can expect to make 4-6 percent.

This may not seem like much but this is cumulative. You get 6% every month+the 6% you made from the month before, etc.

Lets put that into perspective:

Lets say you start from 1,000 dollars and each month you make a conservative 6%.

This means withing the first year you will make 80% on your account (since it is 6% cumulated monthly)

This would bring your account to 1800 dollars.

Which means you can expect to make around 60 dollars a month.

But if you stick to it for 3 years, this amount would grow exponentially to close to 6k dollars.

Give it another 4 years, this would bring your account to a total of 64,000 dollars!

In 7 years you turn 1000 dollars into 64,000.

Imagine starting out with 10,000 dollars, or adding on to it every time you get your paycheck. In less than 8 years you could have reached the million dollar mark.

This however means being entirely dedicated and looking at the long term, not the short term. Its what it could become, not what it is now.

My gains per month:

In my previous article I talked about how I turned 7.5k Into 25k in the last 3 years.

Doing the math on this using chat gpt (lol) means I averaged 4% every month.

Which go be fair is on the low side, but I like to keep myself on the safe side. As I have trauma from blowing so many accounts.

However that does sound about right, however what you need to understand is some months I make less than my expected 1000 dollars per month (4% of 25k) however, I had my best month this month in a long time.

As from my articles telling you guys my theory about how Ethereum could go past 2220, I put out a bunch of confident trades. Totalling me a net profit this month of more than 3k dollars.

This is my record month, but the math says that this is an outlier and I don’t expect to not make this amont again before I reach around 100k on my trading account.

I hope you guys found this interesting, don’t hesitate to ask you questions down in the comments😉














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