The OG Art Reveal Is Around the Corner

By Mappo | EtherCards | 22 Mar 2021

OG Art Reveal

It took less than 24 hours for Ether Cards’ rarest and most exclusive series to sell out. The OG Founder series consists of 90 cards, with serials ranging from #10 to #99, and cost up to 55 ETH for collectors.

And now, with the OG sell-out complete, it is almost time for the first reveal. The reveal countdown has already started, marking the day and time that owners can reveal the unique and exclusive art from some of the best artists around the world.

On Mar. 22, at 9pm (ET) OG artwork can be revealed by their new owners.

Collectors can expect to receive artwork from Marvel Studios designers, artists commissioned by Netflix, Nike, and MTV, celebrity signed fashion designers, and even Ethereum’s own co-founder, Anthony D’Onofrio - better known online as Texture.

Our artists have worked for some of the biggest names around the world, including Steve Aoki, Wiz Khalifa, Calvin Harris, Skrillex, and A$AP ROCKY! But that isn’t all, we have dozens of NFT artists, who are yet to step into the limelight, exposing their hidden gems.

This reveal will also be a teaser to show the quality many others can expect from their own cards! All artwork was anticipated to be released at the end of the sale in 3 weeks, but we know you just couldn’t wait (and we couldn’t either, in fairness), so the team has been working around the clock to get things ready for the first reveal!

Remember to keep an eye out on all the artwork in case the one you want appears. You might get lucky and be the one to get it!

Hopefully, you are all just as excited about this as we are, but guess what… this is only the beginning! AMAs, announcements, partnerships, collaborations, and more reveals are just some of the things you can look forward to in the coming weeks and months!

So sit tight, and enjoy the show!

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