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Must get dust! Rewarding all Ether Cards holders

By Mappo | EtherCards | 6 Apr 2021

Anyone who follows our blog updates will know we’ve been very busy this past week. We’re working hard to continue adding value to both your Ether Cards and the underlying platform, as well as rewarding our supporters as we go along. 

We have recently given back early adopters through our holder bonuses announcement, while still incentivising new users to join us with a series of offers such as BAT token refunds and free Alpha upgrades. Both old and new community members would have also been thrilled by our latest announcement about backdated and rolling art reveals. 

We’re today announcing an additional incentive, which will remunerate all holders of Ether Cards, regardless of where they were purchased or stored (for clarity, this includes third-party markets such as OpenSea). 

All cards held will collect a bonus called ‘Magic Dust’

Starting from the start of ‘Level 1’, card holders will accumulate dust daily, filling up their bag over a 30 day period. When the 30 days elapse, they will complete Level 1, unlocking the first set of benefits: a 5% fee discount on all platform services. 

These rules will continue to apply in a similar manner as dust is further collected, with increasing discounts. The progressive rewards schedule will look as follows:

  • Total 30 days BEFORE dust collection starts: Level 0, no bonus upon unlocking
  • Total 30 days of dust collection to unlock bonus: Level 1, 5% fee discount upon unlocking
  • Total 60 days of dust collection to unlock bonus: Level 2, 10% fee discount upon unlocking
  • Total 120 days of dust collection to unlock bonus: Level 3, 20% fee discount upon unlocking

Please note that each wallet transfer will reset the dust collection to the previous level unlocked. 

For example, let’s say you hold an unlocked Level 2 card which you kept in your Ether Cards wallet for 115 days after purchase, and you’re about to unlock Level 3. If you were to transfer that card to another wallet, the dust collecting would reset to Level 1, as the last unlocked Level was 2, and you drop down 1 Level from that. You would still need another 30 days of holding in that new wallet to unlock Level 2, followed by 60 more days to unlock Level 3. If you had already unlocked Level 3 and you sell/transfer the card, then you would simply drop down to an unlocked Level 2 card. 

Beware though, if you have not unlocked any levels (you are within the first 30 days of the transfer), you will drop down to level 0. Level 0 does NOT collect dust, and you will need to hold for 30 days before you move to level 1 and start collecting dust.

Similarly, if you purchased your cards on and then sold them on OpenSea a few days later, the cards dust collection (or ‘day 0 after purchase/transfer’) would begin after the card is transferred via the marketplace. 

A few important things to note:

  • Upon unlocking level 3 bonuses your card is maxed out and you will not collect any more dust until you transfer the card or use the dust (more on this later).
  • The bonuses remain in place for as long as your card holds enough dust to unlock the corresponding levels.
  • The level bonuses are NOT traits, they will fluctuate as you hold more or less dust. This also means these bonuses will ADD onto any existing traits. If you hold a 50% fee discount and have unlocked Level 3 (20% discount), you will end up receiving a 70% discount in total.
  • This is a pilot test for card Levels and will continue to be tweaked and adjusted as the Ether Cards team deems best. This includes, but not limited to, time periods to level up, bonuses, eligibility, and even the entire dust system.
  • There will be plenty more features and bonuses for this dust and level up concept as we develop.
  • The dust bonus will not go live until after the sale is complete, we will provide another announcement before this feature is activated.
  • Anyone who purchased cards in os and thus must complete level 0 before they start earning dust will already start their day count. So if you bought today and the dust feature was activated in 28 days from now, you would only need to wait 2 more days before you start earning dust

One more thing… 

This dust is not the kind you want to get rid of, but there will be a very valid reason for you to do so: you’ll be able to spend the dust earned on purchasing and unlocking different types of mystery boxes. We’ll be releasing further details on these later, but they will all have a price in dust and will require you to burn part of the card’s available dust for the purchase (meaning you’ll have to choose if the magic box purchase is worth losing whatever benefit level you might have achieved through your holding bonuses). 

‘Collecting dust’ might soon be something you want your Ether Cards to just do. 

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