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NFT "ME"! - But can I "exchange" my NFT and is it "transportable"? Is There a NFT "Graph"?



NFTs are all the "rage"!  Lets talk about how we should be able to "transport/exchange" them - you know - pass them around.  I mean, clearly if we "sell" an NFT - we need to be able to freely "exchange it/convey it" to the new buyer/owner.

Can we do that?

Shouldn't we be able to transfer them easily - amoungst individuals - and amoungst different exchanges or marketplaces?

Originally - using early "NFT ways and methods" - we would create a GIF/JPEG and upload it to an NFT service like OpenSEA (one of the original NFT marketplaces).  But it appeared the NFT "item" was stuck on OpenSEA.  Nothing against OpenSEA, but we should not be "land locked" at a particular exhange/service.

So - how do we craft a general NFT-IP (Improvement Proposal) - that "all" the NFT infrastructure players can implement and where creators can interoperate within?  This improvement all NFT users would enjoy! (freely selling and exchanging NFTs across platforms/marketplaces etc.)

Just as we are lobbying for an independent "Social Graph" - where we can take our social network "with us" - to FB or a competitor/alternative, should we now lobby for a similar capability for NFTs?

A recent article on coindesk informs us that some protocols "may" already be modifying the ERC-721 and ERC-1155 NFT "blueprints".  Will this create NFT "islands"?  

NFTs are "ours" when we create them or buy them.

But - it's not as easy to move them around the internet, etc. and do it safely and securely.  And once exchanged - can we "prove ownership" and "prove authenticity"?

What are your thoughts on HOW to accomplish this "NFT feature"?



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Crypto Blockchain and related Minutia
Crypto Blockchain and related Minutia

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