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My top performing funds with Fidelity UK in October 21

One of my main means on investment is via ETFs, funds and index trackers with the Fidelity Platform (in the UK).  To the end of October I have invested into 21 different funds (2 ETFs, 19 mutual funds and 1 index tracker).   The following table presents the performance of the funds I held during the month of October (sorted in order of performance over the month):


 - Those highlighted in green are the top 5 performing funds I've held over October

 - Those highlighted in yellow are the top 5 earning funds I've held (all time - noting I only started investing with Fidelity in May 2021)

 - Those highlighted in red are the funds I decided to sell and take profit on during November as they have not performed as strongly as I would have liked since first purchase compared to other funds I hold - although they all have made a profit.

Monthly Summary

On the whole, October was pretty good for me as can be seen by the equivalent APRs (those are equivalents for the October performance only) - I wish I could say that every month was this good - but alas no (and especially not this past September !).

The two ETF's in the top 5 (EQQQ and RBTX) are of particular interest for me, as they are the first ETFs I've bought into, and I only purchased them in September - on the whole they have done quite well since purchase - so I'm looking forward to see how well they continue in the future.  If past performance is anything to go buy (and I keep getting reminded that it isnt !) then they should do well. 

LGTXA and MCCOA are in both the top 5 for October, but also my top 5 performing funds for all time (they are first and second respectively).

The other fund in the top 5 for October, ATUIH is actually my 6th best performing fund to date.  

Going Forward

 I'll continue to hold all of my existing funds (except those noted in red) and due to the sale of those in red I have some cash to purchase a few more, and have settled on the following:

 - 20% into SCMIZ - in terms of growth its not a top performer (although it did Ok in Oct), but its strength lies in good paid dividends every quarter (~7% APR).  Fidelity takes  a small management fee each month (its quite reasonable actually) and purchasing this extra lump of SCMIZ will pay me enough cash dividends to pay those fees each month, for all of the funds I hold.  So I'll basically be doubling my holding of SCMIZ - and that will mean my fees are always covered going forward.

 - 20% each into LGTXA, MCCOA and POGTU - these three funds have been consistent performers for me since I started investing with Fidelity, so I've decided to up the stake in all three.  POGTU has been my 3rd best fund to date, although it only ranked 9th in October.

 - 20% into NPIIA (Liontrust India Fund C Acc GBP) - I wanted to bring a new fund into the fold, and also one from another area (because to date I'm quite heavily invested into tech, USA and the UK).  Having checked the fund details, I thought I'd give this one a try for a few months.  It gives me  exposure into India (I've had little to date), with the BSE Sensex (Bombay Stock Exchange) showing decent growth over the last 5 years, and this fund showing consistent growth over the last year. 

Liontrust India

NPIIA - Growth over the last year (From Fidelity on 13th Nov 2021)


BSE Sensex (Bombay Stock Exchange) growth over the last 5 years (from BBC News on 13th Nov 21)

I hope this was useful - I'm always looking for tips on good funds and ETFs with Fidelity UK - so if you have any please drop them in the comments.  


Investing with Fidelity International - this link might be for those based in the UK only.

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ETF, mutual fund and crypto trader - trying to accumulate crypto coin from freebies with very little financial input. My main investments are made in mutual funds and ETFs on the Fidelity International investment platform.

ETF & Mutual Fund Investing with Fidelity
ETF & Mutual Fund Investing with Fidelity

I invest using the Fidelity investment platform. IN particular I invest in Mutual Funds and ETFs. I'll report on progress and findings here.

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