$EC migrates to Binance Smart Chain

By Eternal Cash | Eternal Cash | 6 Mar 2021

$EC migrates to Binance Smart Chain

Eternal Cash migrated on 06-03-2021 to the Binance Smart Chain

Our new Contract Address is : https://bscscan.com/token/0x400df62c3052fdbaad8c74c0226147f9bfaaf7ec


Why did we migrate to the Binance Smart Chain?

- Ethereum Gas fee's

- Because interacting on the Ethereum blockchain was expensive, our Casino was not getting used at all

- Speed of the blockchain, Binance Smart Chain opens a whole new world for developers

- With the migration we added a 1% fee emission into our contract, so holding $EC is already beneficial


Binance Smart Chain opens a new world for $EC staking :

- Binance Smart Chain allows us to share our casino fee's with our holders with no costs

- In the near future $EC holders will also benefit from all the dex/swap and cex fee's

- $EC holders get the regular 1% fee from all the transactions but holders also get 5% of the casino/dex/swap/cex fee's once a month.

How is that going to work? How do we distribute the fee's once a month?

- We count all the fee's once a month, so for example all the fee's in the month are 250.000 $EC, we will send that amount 5 times to our own address.

Our new contract allows us to share our fee's with our holders with 5 simple transactions.

Plus on top of that, 5% also get's burned.


Website : https://eternalcash.online

Casino : https://eternalcasino.com 

Telegram : https://t.me/eternalcashec

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Eternal Cash

Eternal Cash $EC is our storage of value and utility token for our Casino and future dApps.

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