Liquid Drum n Base (act1)

By Eterna | Eterna: Dj Sets | 22 Mar 2021

Greetings all of you incredible creatures, exploring the things you explore and helping create this new awesome crypto enabled world we are transitioning into, just wanted to leave some inspiring frequencies for folks to groove to, there will be a number of these drops as eye have been djing for over 15 years and have a nice repertoire of sets that have been recorded at events and in my studio.

The mainstay of them are naturally hosted on Mix cloud, eye will be posting the links here, until eye maybe find a way to imbed the set in a post so anyone can just listen to them from a blog post, so you are not redirected but eye am new at this, so there is a bit of learning to do still, the specific genre posted here is in the title, some Liquid Drum n Base.


So without further adue

Transforming Depth of Atmospheric Shadow

Soothing Voice Within The Raging Viper

Shallow Depth Forming Midline Fractures



Half Plain Flooding In The Wilder Wave

She Has A Plan ( ti ru dna )


Generious Architecture



and there we go 9 total sets from over the last while, for your listening and hopefully dancing enjoyment

(looks like eye learned how to imbed)

be well and grove hard


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Eye am a transgender woman, who is a crypto enthusiast who has been adopting the whole new wave for abt 4 years now and am excited to participate, share my skills and earn some crypto

Eterna: Dj Sets
Eterna: Dj Sets

Greetings, this post is the first of a few that will focus on sharing some of my top notch sets eye have recorded in the recent whiles. Enjoy!!!

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