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Lack of Tolerance, an agent that obstructs success and rewards regrets!

By Espandor | Espandor | 22 Nov 2020

One of the biggest tolerance one has to deal with in the Crypto world is a downtrend. An unknown source proposed that even if Bitcoin went all the way to $0 per coin, that a lot of investors will still hold on to the coin. Well I don't doubt that because looking at the grounds it has already covered, there's not a single argument that investors would still hold on to the coin.
But that's only because of it's recent activities, there's a lot of trust already built around it, that a little shake in price wouldn't affect an investing mind. I honestly doubt the possibility of crypto newbies holding on to Bitcoin if it fell, kissing feets to a massive downtrend for like five years...


Most of the 'New to Crypto' Buddies would definitely loose faith in it, why? Lack of tolerance!
At the earlier proposal of Bitcoin to the world, per coin Bitcoin was worth just $0.26 which is equivalent to 100 Nigerian naira (Current Currency Rating tho)... A lot of people didn't find it fit to invest in it, the trust wasn't there! Even when Bitcoin was promising a better ending, a lot of humans couldn't exercise patients and hold on to the coins... Now it's Trending and everyone is trynna get a hold of it, but seeking a cheaper means which would literally not be possible!

Even after Bitcoin proposal passed, and altcoins were introduced, many still didn't seem to look towards it's direction. Most of us lacked tolerance, I wasn't there, but am here now and I know better than to fall for regrets.


A Crypto based platform, running with it's own token called 1up, Currently with over 100k users and a hefty amount of beneficials as the token price rised late August this year . Why am I bringing this up? Recently the uptrennd support team has been receiving a lot of complaints all saying one thing! Why is 1up falling and when will it rise. Some actually turn out to be very aggressive and arrogant, these people are definitely the spammers! Who came to the platform just to farm upvotes, get the tokens and dump them in the markets.
The actual reasons behind 1up downtrend happen to be related to this same spammers, who came in, stole from the platform and wet away... Recently there has been a massive dropped in engagement on the platform, lots of people have left, some lost faith and sold their tokens which is a total lost. Lack of tolerance has driven a lot of people.

Must people don't get this shit!
Cryptocurrency may take longer than expected to boom and yield profits. It takes only a HODL to withstand it's downtrend that most oftenly occurs!
I've been holding a couple of 1up tokens and am still holding on to it because am tolerative, even if it takes 5years my tokens won't reduce one bit, but rather I would buy or earn more through blogging on Uptrennd.
It's really not a wise choice to sell this tokens now, because just as it broke out of it's shell late August, it can still do it again!

Hope That Makes Sense!

Article Originally Posted here By Me!


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