Path to 120 Block Time Part[2/2] ESBC

By Cristalla | ESBC | 26 Apr 2019

I’m back!! good to be here writing the secon article of this series, this is the week recap for the ESBC “Path to 120 Block Time” if you haven’t read the Part 1, what are you waiting for?

This week have been BUM! explosive we have so much to talk, i don’t know where to start (More articles are coming).

1*pnKTI4-2ufDAveoRnAnhNA.jpegThe Path 2/6

Part 2. “Price vs Masternodes”

We start the week with 554 active MN distributed like this:

1*RoAvya0mC1Tji4MO4HbowQ.png15–04–2019 block time +20

The Price

We are still in the seek for the best profit in the different MN levels but what is the connection with the price?

1*JLYmHUNfSehS2yPN62MwTA.pngESBC Chart-Crex 24

In the yellow point we can see that between 11 to 15 of april a fall is produced in the price until the white point where find a reversal around the 17 to 18 of april and several new MNs were activated

The Masternodes

So how the price affected the MN side?

Low price new+New Buyers+Old Buyer’s buying more coins.

29 new MN setting up and distributed in this levels:

1*eF9AKsk3hqBu_eiOa9rNzA.png25–04–2019 block time +20

18 new Bronzes
5 new Silvers
5 new Golds
1 new Platinum

For a total of 715000 more locked coins, we are now in +20 seconds more in block time we still left +40 more seconds 4 more week to see final for this update.

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