Ziktalk : Innovative rewarding Social media platform or not?

By Shamsal | Cryptobasket | 29 Mar 2021

    Facebook messenger, instagram are one of the giants in the social media industry. When whole world is eagerly looking at alternatives in the crypto industry. Not many have come forward to rival against these giants.But one popular platform is Ziktalk, which amassed over 400,000 people within 2 months of launch.



   Ziktalk is a korean company who have their office in Estonia, CEO of this company is Abraham Shim. Ziktalk originally developed as a casual application to learn foreign languages. In 2020 company begun to expand their business to crypto field. With the help of luniverse blockchain they minted 10 billion ziktokens for rewarding its users. These tokens are listed on korean based exchanges probit and BW already. 

Ziktalk is currently available in IOS and Android. 

Use refer code PLND7OEGE on signup to recieve 500 ZIK. 

In Ziktalk every like you give cost 1 zik and every like you get gives 1 ZIK.Also for every follower you might be getting 3 ZIK. You might be able to spend your ZIK to do social action. Careful how you choose. I think therefore it gives people an opportunity to reduce their social over subscriptions and concentrate on things which matters the most to them. 

After reaching more than 11000 ZIK you can withdraw your ZIK and convert to any crypto asset. 

Ziktalk also have Video calling and voice sharing feature. Ziktalk is primarily developed to learn foreign language and to make friends.A huge percentage of users are from Asia and South America namely India, Brazil and Bangladesh. 

I offer to teach malayalam in this app

Ziktalk plans and Ziktoken halving

billion ziktokens will be distributed to 1 million ziktalkers while rest 5 billion will be given to Ziktalkers joining after 1 million. Ziktalk plan to halve the reward for signing up on this app when it hits first million Ziktalkers. They expect to hit 1 million before June 2021.

Controversies and fair policy

Many users have reported that mass blocking of accounts unnecessarily from Ziktalk team. Reportly banning and not rewarding users with ZIK tokens. This fired Ziktalkers from india reportedly leaving the platform. Also Asian adoption of Ziktalk is seen as positive sign by investors who bought bulk chunk of Ziktokens brought to exchanges for long term holding. Ziktoken is trading at its all time highs at about 0.009 USD per token. Many are criticizing the Ziktalk lacks a proper vision, banning of accounts without proper reasons will do harm in the long term. It's unprofessional to blame the users for the faulty vision of a company. Sooner after their launch. They reportedly lost 40 million ziktokens due to security flaws from reward pool. This caused them to crack down every user who is just not active at their platform. 


It is worth checking out ziktalk once atleast to know how cryptocurrency can revolutionise the common people. Other social media giants monetise our data for their own gains.it's worth noting, If something is free for you then you are the product itself. 

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