Presearch : Decentralised Search engine and what's exciting about it?

By Shamsal | Cryptobasket | 28 Mar 2021

Presearch is the new rival to the most successful competitors like Google, yahoo or bing. The latter search engines are not in the picture as they are all same centralised Ad giants and Google is the one which monetise the data of everyone across the world. 

2020 was the year DEFI and decentralised apps and concepts shaked the centralised world. 


Why Decentralised is better but not Centralised?

Well the shortest answer might be Decentralised systems have laws coded predefined which noone can modify or regulate. In centralised platform a person decides the fate of everyone. For eg: The owner of this website can do anything to my account, removing my procile picture, deleting my posts or anything. But if this was run by predefined bots i could do anything within the rules. We are reaching to a stage that we are capable to ruling out centralised system everywhere.So now we understood the diring need to kick of major players out of the market. So how is it possible!

#Searchwithpresearch is the answer.

You may heard this name now and familiar with it much more than me. You know about the tokenomics and nodes. And might have gone through its vision paper.

Presearch will be add on to the most hyped web 3.0.It will reward its users with tokens for the data of yours accumulated on the platform.So who will control and govern these data.e4660a5f3e0742318ce21af410806ea4152dd15e43f20859ac10eade6ded970e.jpg

Presearch is now only beginning to role out. Its in the early stages to not go fully decentralized. Its development will flourish with the coming of web 3.0.Right now it's your time to switch to presearch and monetise yourself what you do in the web. Control your data. Support decentralized apps, systems and initiatives to create a world with equal opportunities for anyone to live in a better way.

By using presearch you are contributing to it and you deserve a reward.

Thank you and have a nice day. Sorry for every mistakes and let me know of any as i am willing to edit or correct my words. 

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