Blockchain Games - The Real Game Changer

Blockchain games have started to take over the gaming industry. Although still in its birth blockchain games have gained a lot of popularity. 

Today we will be talking about a new game which will change the way games actually work. 

Cocos-BCX, AKA 'Cocos BlockChain Expedition', is aiming to create an integrated multi-platform runtime environment for games, providing developers with the convenience and completeness in game development, while bringing users a whole new gaming experience, unprecedented gaming status, and with all the assets obtained in the games being wholly owned by the users. This is the platform for the next generation of digital game economy.

They have launched multiple games including Cocos Shooting, Crypto Tanks and Token Planet but the one iI am really excited about is Crypto Knights.


Yes Sir, this is the world's first placement blockchain game that supports the staking mode in the world. You can generate hero assets and trade them freely. 

They even pay out dividends to the top 50 players and their popularity is going through the roof.

I highly recommend you guys to check out this trending game by clicking on the link below and earn startup bonus free with my link:

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Blockchain Technology - A New Age
Blockchain Technology - A New Age

Here I will be discussing about the different ERC Tokens and how they have changed the blockchain industry.

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