Covid-19 (part 1) What we may know so far (Feb 15th 2020)

By sewiet | Era_Covid19 | 15 Feb 2020

(2020 FEB 15th)

2020 started most strangely. US termination activities in Irak almost starting war. Australia endured month long fires followed lately by floods.

But for sure the creeping Covid19 Corona epidemic has start to spread from Wuhan since beginning of the year and has for about 3 weeks gone literately viral around the world as we are now in the middle of February.

Is this "simply" an animal desease? Laboratory experiments gone wrong? Covid19 a weapon designed by humans against humans? Is this the new world order population reducer plan?

We don't know (at least yet). What we know is actually not much. There is the 2% fatality rate which was typically to be shown each time new official numbers where presented. And then there is lots of reports about numbers being better or worse.

So basically the actual fatality could rate range from the flu like 'one in a thousand' up to breathtaking 'one in ten'. Considering the known very high spread rate of course this would really be the number one topic for years in the latter case. Everybody would then typically know about at least one if not many casualties in his/her own family. What a nightmare!

So if now your not only alarmed but even shocked you might need a break or you may consider stop reading. Currently the world wide situation is only critical in China. And there are chances that spreading decreases and the global mortality turns out to be below 1% (in my opinion the most positive possible outcome). In this case the situation in China would gradually get better throughout spring and more or less vanish into the summer. 

If your still here reading with me...? Welcome to the guild of Covid19 truthseekers. Stay tuned. 


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This blog started FEB 15th 2020. Covid19 the novel Corona virus desease is creating new angst about 15year after SARS. One thing was clear already by mid of march 2020: It will have changed all of our lives in one or many ways. China, Italy, now the rest of the world lead by NY have now switched into lock-down mode. Where is this going?

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