Covid-19 - 5G and New York (2020-3-28)

By sewiet | Era_Covid19 | 28 Mar 2020

Covid-19 and NY. Those two are often mentioned together lately. 5G was mentioned far less but nevertheless some serious Corona virus discussion often enough touched the subject. One thing is sure. If you check out the world 5G maps (I checked ookla for example)... Well the NY area offers hundreds of 5G Hotspots. 

Why should we care? Well the answer is simple. NY area lately is by far the hotspot for new covid-19 confirmed cases. 

The theory behind the 5G that may soon be confirmed or debunked goes more or less like this:

5G communication waves use Gigaherz range. The higher frequency ranges used are well known due to microwave ovens. And it is known that you can influence  molecules but also processes linked to the DNA inside cells. The only question is how much this is the case. Can it really trigger this virus to interact more often with our body?

My plan however is to personally avoid 5G areas if possible until we have more evidence to provide. But this might be taking years...

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This blog started FEB 15th 2020. Covid19 the novel Corona virus desease is creating new angst about 15year after SARS. One thing was clear already by mid of march 2020: It will have changed all of our lives in one or many ways. China, Italy, now the rest of the world lead by NY have now switched into lock-down mode. Where is this going?

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