DARK - Should you watch it?

By Epic Taste | Epic Taste | 12 Jul 2020


DARK - Confusing time travelling fun wrapped up nice and neat in a bow. 

That's one way to put the show.


I'm not going to write too much about the story, but if you like time travel movies or TV shows, you'll love this. The only downside to this show it's it's in German, however it does have DUBS and SUBS available, for those who don't speak the language like myself. 

I watched the subs. 


The story starts off with the fairly standard dealing with the mysterious events of children vanishing without a trace from the German town of Winden. However the story slowly evolves into a time travelling mystery over the span of many time lines and story-lines. Unlike TV shows like LOST which coined the catchphrase 'everything has meaning', Dark follows through and every story line and character has a overall purpose and meaning that ties back to the events that started the show. 


The cinematography is breathtaking, the acting is excellent and all the plot holes are answered (Unlike many other time travelling stories).

Is this something you should watch?

I say YES.



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