Podcasts on Cryptocurrency

Podcasts on Cryptocurrency

By EP | EP | 17 Jan 2020

Today, there are plenty of podcasts available for your ears to consume.

A few stand out to me as being high quality podcasts on blockchain and cryptocurrency.


First up is the no hype podcast called Unchained.

This podcast is hosted by Laura Shin.

Each episode has interviews with influential people in the crypto sphere.

The topics range from Blockchain and Bitcoin, to Ethereum, Binance and beyond. The episodes also integrate other topics and industries like finance, Industrial IoT, sensors, AI, government policies and politics.

Give it a listen and let me know what you think.



Next up is the podcast called What Bitcoin Did.

They claim to be the #1 Bitcoin podcast.

Whether or not you're a maximalist or minimalist, this show demonstrates the power of Bitcoin for many applications and communities.

For example, take a listen to the podcast episodes about cryptocurrency and blockchain adoption in El Salvador and Argentina.

The host, Peter McCormack is a quality interviewer. The episode with Andreas Antonoupolos clearly explains why we need Bitcoin.



I highly recommend you check out these podcasts.

There are a lot of low quality podcasts out there.

However, in my experiences, these podcasts mentioned above are the highest quality podcasts for keeping you and your family up to date on the latest things going on in the cryptosphere.


-Dr. E, PhD

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