PROSPECTORS - A real world online blockchain based game
A real world online blokchain based game

PROSPECTORS - A real world online blockchain based game

By EOSforfuture | EOS Blockchain | 29 Jul 2020



What is Prospectors ?

Prospectors is a real world online blokchain based game on the EOS platform.It has just now expanded to
the WAX blockchain.Eos world is the Far West land and WAX is on Yukon.In this economy game you need
to earn Gold,as it is the in-game currency.Gold can be earned by doing jobs,mining gold from the plot,etc.
This gold can be traded to PGL token and then to EOS/WAX.

How to get started ?

After logging in with Scatter you start the game with your 3 workers.At first you dont have any specific tools.
So for beginning one can do Transporting jobs as it doesnt require one,but remember transporting jobs doesnt
always be high paying.This is basically a freemium game but one can speed up his/her progress in the game by
doing investments.

Earning Potential of this game

In the beginning(about an year ago) i earned 3 EOS in 2 days itself.But now as more users join this game the earnings
can be up and down.

Renting a plot

In this game one can also rent plot in the prospectors world map by paying gold on a monthly basis.If you are going to
purchase land for the first time it is advisable to buy a land with some resources on it as it really helps.Gold on that land
can be more fruitful.


Dont miss this game as it is still on beta stage,it has an earning potential as a way of passive income.

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