How to get free EOS/BTC to get started ?

How to get free EOS/BTC to get started ?

By EOSforfuture | EOS Blockchain | 1 Aug 2020

There are a lot of ways one can acquire free EOS or other coins and most of us would run to faucets.But faucets have minimum cashout terms and is full of annoying ads and popups.Even i have used faucets when i was a beginner in the crypto space.Sad but true faucets are useless until you are the faucet owner.

What if i say you could get free EOS directly to your wallet every 6 hours? Wouldnt that be fun?Just fill up a basic captcha and EOS to your wallet ! At least you can jump in the ecosytem with some free coins.

Requirements: You need to have a Scatter wallet if you are using PC.
For mobiles you can use any wallet and use the in-wallet browser.
Scatter wallet link :

Here is the guide to help you get started


After opening scatter click on the scatter logo on the site and allow the permissions to login.


 Click on the indicated icon to navigate into faucet page. 





     Claim your favorite coins from the options,allow the permissions in wallet and Boom !! Coins in your wallet after network confirmations.

Link :

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See you soon. Bye !!


i am a crypto enthusiast who believes crypto is going to replace paper money in the near future

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