How to earn daily EOS dividends from playing games(Free) ?

By EOSforfuture | EOS Blockchain | 15 Aug 2020

At the time I am writing this article EOS is priced at above 3$ each coin.Its all time high(according to coinmarketcap)is above 20$.So this is a good time to earn some EOS and HODL.It is not easy to play and earn dividend especially in the case of EOS.But there is a gaming DAPP that runs on EOS blockchain,that lets you earn TKT token each time you do activities on the game or more if you do a purchase on the game(although I don’t recommend it but it speeds up the TKT process).Once you have enough TKT you can go ahead and stake them inside the game to earn those daily dividends.You must also play the game once in a day to be eligible.It is a free to play game dapp but like most of its kind an user can speed up their progress by investing some EOS.To play the game you need a compatible EOS mobile wallet(TockenPocket preferred).



TKT is a game token of CRYPTO DYNASTY EOS.It is not yet listed on any decentralized or centralized exchanges as of now,so one cannot exchange it for EOS.You can buy TKT directly from the game.Trust me you wont regret buying some ☺


Link of the game : Use my referral code arkagupta131 to get free bonus.



I will attach my profile screenshots here that shows how much dividend I am earning of this game.Not much though,but who doesnt like free crypto :)




          As you can see how much i am earning daily,i can easily claim the dividends now,no minimum withdraw threshold.I have staked around 800 TKT.




                                    Daily dividend pool of over 150 EOS is there to be distributed among those who have staked their TKT.



                      There are also other ways to earn EOS,as discussed in my previous posts.Undoubtedly this is one of the best EOS dapps out there.



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