EOS(Crypto) Dynasty - A short review on the hottest blockchain game
EOS(Crypto) Dynasty Blockchain game

EOS(Crypto) Dynasty - A short review on the hottest blockchain game

By EOSforfuture | EOS Blockchain | 30 Jul 2020



EOS(Crypto) Dynasty is an RPG+PVP game built on the EOS blockchain.Just like Prospectors it is a freemium game.Its a replica of the old EOS Knights with its own NFT which can also be staked inside the game app to earn daily EOS dividends.

To start off you need to download the app and login with your mobile wallet(Wombat wallet preferred).


You get one hero that battles with the demons inside the game,the other two heroes you need to purchase.The game have their own Three Kingdoms Token(TKT) and is the most used dapp in the EOS dapp market as on dappradar.com.

Players can enhance their heroes through collecting materials, forging equipments and domestication mounts.
After each death of your heroes you get materials that can crafted to equipments.Both the materials and equipments can be sold in the P2P marketplace from 0.001 EOS to upto 3 EOS,depending upon rarity of the item.

More features are there and are waiting to be added in this game,so download the game from the playstore


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EOS Blockchain
EOS Blockchain

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