Not a good week for Cryptocurrencies!

By OTcrypto | EnvCrypto | 20 Feb 2022

After a good first week learning about cryptocurrencies and everything else that goes with it, this week feels a bit like a major awakening to the reality of cryptocurrency investing and trading!! Although this weeks downturn of the crypto markets has been nearly universal across all currencies and markets I still struggle with the fact that all of last weeks wins have been dampened by this weeks losses! I was up on my investment at the start and I was flying high and thinking about all the things I would spend my new found wealth on (in reality its not more than lunch!!). I know that there was a bit of luck involved with a sale way above the average price but I guess sometimes in life you get lucky! Anyway, this week I came crashing back to earth and although I am technically still just about even I know this is due to me taking advantage of a number of easy ways to earn a few crypto. 

I have enjoyed learning and earning about crypto on both PublishX0 and also on Coinbase which made it interactive and a fun way to learn about new cryptocurrencies and the incentive of small amounts of cryptocurrencies has really made me want to learn more about it all. If anyone has any tips on what to do with these small amounts please let me know!! Furthermore, I downloaded the Brave browser which is a good way to earn a bit of BAT while just browsing the internet! Its a good way to keep all of my crypto websites in one place too!!


Finally, I am, and I'm sure everyone else is, looking forward to hopefully a better week on the markets and seeing some green lines and some increases in my wallet balance!!

Stay safe everyone :)

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