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By Eniamza | Enilog | 30 Jan 2021

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The Scenario

Ever thought of being a ghost? Not like movies but for real. Ghost in naked eyes of technologies and Artificial Intelligence.
Or bypassing Mass Survillance of Interpole/FBI or Your government. ?
How about connecting to any part of the world and share anything without leaving a single trace?
All this can be done by one single installation right on your windows.
So let's dig in

The Solution

An software called BlackBelt can setup all of those services for you in a few clicks. And the good news is you don't have to be a TechGod

  • Tor and i2p isolation mode -
    It creates separate browser profiles specially configured for Individual Gateways. It means you can use Normal/Tor/i2p Simultaneously with one click
  • Waste sharing -
    Share any files over Tor/i2p network without leaving a single trace
  • MicroSip VoIP calls/conferance -
    Call to anyone one the Tor network through untracable routes.
    So it allows you to stay NoOne .


Installing the whole thing is too easy. Even your cat can do that (trained ones). So Let's Start -

  • Download BlackBelt Privacy From SourceForge [For FireFox Version greater than 57.0] Or This [For Pre 57]
  • Run it and agree on whatever it says .You don't have choice
  • Choose Tor client only Operator from dropdown menu.
  • It will guide you through the rest of the process


It will add a desktop icon for FireFox Profiles For i2p, Tor and Default
Click the icon and select tor. A browser window will open with previously configured proxy and extension as well as window size.
Now you can freely browse Tor right from your browser.


  • Learn more about P2P file sharing using Waste on WikiPedia
  • Learn MicroSIP setups on their official Website

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