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"Scientific Approach to Jesus' Sweating Blood on Gethsemani"

By EnigmaReader-2 | EnigmaReaders | 21 Apr 2020

Scientific Approach to Jesus' Sweating Blood on Gethsemani



The writer does not intend to offend others' beliefs. Any information stated in this article are based on scientific data present and available.

Jesus' Agony on Gethsemani where Luke states his sweat was like a drop of blood is definitely not a miracle. Scientifically speaking, it is one of the famous case of "Hematidrosis", a rare condition where someone sweats blood.

• What was the reason Jesus went through this condition?

Hematidrosis only happens when there is a high level if severe mental aniexty and by definition, anxiety is simply a fear of the uncertainty or fear of what is going to happen. Jesus had to break scriptures all for the sake if humanity.

Jesus was emotionally stressed knowing what was ahead of him. No one lacks the understanding to explain the weight of man's sin. Paul in Hebrew 12:1 when he said that we should lay aside every filthy weight that easily beset us. Take it or leave it friends sin is weighty, the reason Jesus went through that condition of wealth was because he foresaw the weight that was on every mans sin.


Our sweat glands were surrounded by capillaries, tiny blood vessels which if these capillaries constrict and rupture it will effuse in our sweat glands. One of the primary causes is extreme stress either emotional or physical which clearly on some gospels like Matthew 26:38, we did see how Jesus' emotions during those times. Other causes include menstruation, blood disorders or people who has high blood pressure.

Hematidrosis can be diagnose by some tests if there is a swelling or bleeding of your internal organs such as liver or your stomach lining aside of one on one interview whom the doctor might ask some questions like family history. Treatments can be carried out by prescribing vitamin C, some therapy or antidepressants.

Aside from sweating blood, there are other conditions where linked to such as crying tears of blood or Haemolacria is possible.


Here is a case study carried out on 2015 about Hematidrosis on an epilepsy patient.

"Science and Religion are not enemies, but rather allies–two different languages telling the same story."
–Dan Brown, Angels and Demons


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