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"Dark Psychology Series—Brainwashing"

By EnigmaReader-2 | EnigmaReaders | 21 Apr 2020

Dark Psychology Series—Brainwashing


Disclaimer: this article is not written to exploit for unjust acts, but rather for awareness and security.

Brainwashing is a process of manipulation where the agent will, eventually, make his subject abandon the previous beliefs. An individual under this process may be aware or not that he or she is being brainwashed.

Brainwashing could take many months or even years to accomplish depending on the circumstances that have to be considered. Isolating the subject is very important because there should be no other influences affecting the subject.

There are ten steps of brainwashing which includes:

1. Assault on the identity of the subject— this is a systematic attack on the subject's ego or identity until they question who he really is by slapping on his face that everything he believes in is wrong. For example, an agent might say to his subject who committed a crime; "You are not doing it for your family, you are doing it for yourself."

2. Forcing guilt on the subject— in the stage, the agent will constantly and repeatedly tells the subject that they are bad. If this is successful, the subject will feel guilty about the crimes or any acts in regard to this crime. Eventually, they will feel shame about those things they did.

3. Self-betrayal— Now that the subject admits that he is bad and is Harrowed up by his guilt, the agent may be able to compel the subject to denounce his old identity. The subject may denounce his peer, or even his family who share the same belief or practices.

4. Breaking point—at this point, the subject might ask; "Who am I?" he lost his sense of reality. The subject, in this stage, experiences a nervous breakdown. In psychology terms, the nervous breakdown, is a collection of sever symptoms of psychological disturbances. The agent may set up temptations to the subject to convert him to the desired new belief system. depressions may occur to the subject.

5. Leniency—this is the "I can help you" stage. In this stage, you have to get the trust and confidence of your subject. Offer them help that you could save them from the guilt that grasps them. You could offer them a little food or drink, they would think that these simple and little acts of kindness are big deal. They will, in return, consider giving gratitude for what you are doing. Build a bond and relationship to your subject.

6. Compelling the subject to confess—since you have gained your subject's trust, introduce your subject to confessing his wrong acts. Once they have confessed of their acts, they should realize that those acts are against to what is right.

7. Channeling of guilt—now that the subject is still lost, the agent will tell the subject that the pain and guilt he is feeling is because his actions based on the old belief system. Chanel the guilt to this.

8. Releasing of guilt—By channeling the guilt, the subject would realize that the guilt is not because of who they were, but because of their old beliefs; and that the only window to escape through is the new belief system you would introduce to him later on.

9. Harmony—the agent will introduce the new Belief System to the subject. Give them the choice of what road to take; remain on their old beliefs and feel the guilt forever, or live this new system that could set them free. Align hopes and happiness to the new belief system in contrast to the guilt and pain on the old belief system.

10. Final confession and Rebirth—although the brainwashing is successful, there are some instances that the subject would take a step backward; this called relapse. But if the subject is willing to change he could start over again easily. Some subjects may feel they are born again with hopes for peace and happiness. They should be embraced by and welcomed by on their new community; supporting them and reinforcing his new found identity throughout time.

Now that you know about these steps of brainwashing, you can now be aware when other would try to brainwash you from your religion, political views, etc.

You could even try this to someone who is struggling from her/his past. This would be a great help.

Source: banned mind control techniques unleashed—Daniel Smith


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