The Constitution Does not Give any Rights

By Energymancer | Energymancer | 31 Jul 2019

The Constitution, and its amendments do not give anyone any rights. What this document does is restrict the Government from taking away your rights and limits the scope of what the government can do. The first ten amendments are referred to as the “Bill of Rights.” These amendments clarify the restrictions of the federal government.

The first amendment lists the rights of free speech freedom of assembly and restricts the Federal Government from instituting a state religion. It does not give these rights to the people; it prevents the government from taking them from us. The tenth amendment is vital for the country. It clearly states that any right or responsibility not listed in the constitution or its amendments are delegated to the states. This gives the state representatives the responsibility to govern their people, to reflect the attitudes and desires of the people in the state.

The 2nd amendment is a prime example of this “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a frees state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” This is a right that is not given by the state. It is a human right not a civil right. The last part is “shall not be infringed.” This is where the amendment is limiting the Federal government from taking away the rights of the people to be able to defend themselves. Many people conflate the word arms with guns, pistols, rifles, carbines and other firearms. It encompasses much more: knives, bows and arrows, slings, and swords of all types. The government is restricted from taking these away from its citizens. We see in London England where the government took away the guns then they took away knives. Now acid attacks are on the rise again. Acid attacks are truly a Retro Victorian age thing to do.

The founding fathers were wise in their belief that a central government would become a tyranny in time. It would also not be able to give the necessary services to all the people of the country.

We see this failing with agencies such as the Federal Education Administration. It is not flexible enough to meet the divers demands of the different areas of the country. What works in New York state will not necessarily work in Nebraska. The economies are vastly different. In NYC there are very few agricultural jobs where in Nebraska there are percentage wise few high tech or financial service jobs. Education should be left up to the states so the people in the different states get the education that is appropriate for them and their economies.

The Federal Government is responsible for defense of the common good, a postal system and postal roads to deliver the mail. The Eisenhower Interstate system fell in the category after a liberal reading by the government. It does connect the country and provide necessary roads for transportation of the mail and other vital goods. The Federal Government is also responsible for Foreign Affairs and Trade. This is to protect the interest of the entire US population from unfair or predatory practices of other countries.

This separation of powers from the federal to the state levels is vital to our country. The Constitution is our guide in these principles. The founding fathers were adamant that the Federal Government be limited. They had just fought a war to remove and overly intrusive government. The King’s word was law and virtually omnipotent. Taxes were levied on the colonies without the colonies being able to make any arguments against them. The soldiers of the Crown were billeted in people homes and businesses with out compensation. Soldiers would pillage, steal, and rape the colonist with impunity. They knew they would not be brought to task for their actions. The Colonist were disarmed. They had no way to fight back. This is why the Constitution limits the Federal Government and gives more control to the states.

So, when people are talking about the Constitution giving us this right or that right or the Federal Government is responsible for this or that; remember the Constitution is to limit the government and prevent it from taking away our human rights. All of the rights in the Bill of Rights are God given rights; not civil rights. The government gives its citizens civil rights. God gives us human rights. No government can take away our God given rights forever. Eventually, that government will fall.

Lets put the federal government back to the way it was during Washington and Jefferson’s time. A postal service, a small military to defend the country from invaders, diplomats to secure favorable trade agreements with foreign countries and a president to direct the executive branch in mundane matters of state. A legislature that met in the summer to pass maintenance bills to run a limited government, None of the Senators or Congress Person were paid for this service they all had regular jobs to provide for themselves and their families.

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