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Three Bitter Aspects of Being a Successful Writer No One Told Me About

The idea of being a successful writer is often painted in utopian colors. Most of the advice on writing makes it seem that as soon as you reach a certain point all problems in life will be gone. This point might be the number of followers, the length of writing time, or a decent size payment.

If it’s all for money and fame, you have fewer rules to care about. Although, I believe that most people, who want to write for a living, don't want to leave their morals locked up in a closet. There’s a deep desire to be light in the darkness and give people true and valuable insight.

Have in mind that my writing journey hasn’t been long but I’ve tasted enough to know that the top is not going to be a utopia. Reaching my goals will be sweet but there’s some bitterness involved also.

In this story, I put aside the sweet dreams and look at a couple of bitter and unpopular aspects that successful writers face.

Unwanted Feedback

Some statements I wrote caused an offense in some people. It wasn’t my intent but the expression of my stand has hurt a person. In some cases, it was my fault for being too harsh.

It’s unrealistic to think that everyone is going to cheer you on throughout the race. No, some might try to throw tomatoes at you. Others will blame you for what you believe. There are experts out there who know exactly how to bite and hurt.

The good news is that we can choose to stand back up. When someone challenges my thoughts with the smallest grain of wisdom, I stop for a moment and consider their criticism. Sometimes that caused me to tweak a couple of things. Other times I moved on doing what I believe I’m called to.

As your stats rise so are the opportunities to be criticized. At any time you can get a nasty comment that ruins your day.

Awareness of Greater Responsibility

A couple of my stories are getting more traffic from Google every day. Before, I strived to see hundreds of views on my posts. Now I start to consider if these particular stories I wrote are the best food to give to so many people. With higher numbers, I start to feel a bigger responsibility on my part.

Screenshot from

Screenshot from

Two stories I wrote in July 2020 are starting to pick up the traffic. It doesn’t seem to be dropping but increases every month. I’m not sure if my stories deserve to be ranking on the first page of Google search results.

How would you look at your content if you knew that a million people are going to read it? What if you had only 10 consistent readers? Can you feel the responsibility increasing with the amount of impact? It’s only natural to start evaluating if it’s good enough to reach such a big number of people.

As your voice becomes stronger, you’re able to be heard farther. You automatically start to feed more people. Not every reader is able to recognize what is good for them. We as writers have the responsibility to make sure we give the healthiest content possible.

Unplanned Promotion

The more people read your work, the more are going to apply the advice you give. Writing is not just putting symbols on a page. It’s a force that changes people and this world.

You might feel like it’s an overstatement but think about the books and articles that changed your life. You wouldn’t be the same if the other writer didn’t put his work out into the world. As you grow your audience, your impact on the world increases simultaneously.

Why is this point among the negative?

It’s because without trying you become a leader. At the beginning of your blogging journey, you might want to make some money by expressing your thoughts and telling your experiences. Although in the late game it all starts to evolve in you becoming an influencer.

If you want to be someone that guides people, great! If not, you’re warned.

Should You Stop Writing?

All said and done it may seem like concerns should dim the joy of writing. No, that's not the case. I only desire to remind you that a vacation on the beach isn’t pure pleasure. Unpleasant things are in the best of places. You might get a painful sunburn, sand in your eyes, or a cut on your feet.

The negative aspects are rarely included in the advertisement because it can scare some people away from writing or reading tips on blogging. I took a couple of days to think about the impact my writing can one day make. Is it what I truly desire? Am I ready for it?

You shouldn’t stop writing, but consider the impact and direction you’re going. It will help you to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Being a writer is not a utopian job. It’s a calling that comes with joy as well as with responsibility.

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