Stacking Desires in the Right Order Will Empower Your Passion

There are tasks we do in life because we know we should be doing them. For example, answering e-mails, creating schedules, and all the work that feels like chores. We feel no pleasure, but we do it for it’s right and necessary part of life.

On another end are the activities we passionately crave for. They don’t necessarily contribute to the value of our lives, though. Often they overwhelm the task we ought to finish and we end up wasting our time and effort.

They distract us by tempting us with a quick pleasure. I’m talking about watching series, Youtube, or mindlessly scrolling on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

What if we get to a place where we desire to do daily boring tasks with the same intensity as we crave for something sweet? Have you wondered, how to crack this law and use it for your benefit? How to shift the excitement on the tasks that truly matter and make a difference in your life?

The way we’re made

Our bodies have a will of their own. They have desires and preferences that our rational thinking would argue against. Most of the time there is no logic behind the body's desires. Actually, it shouldn’t be. It’s like a child that wants to have a diet that consists only of sugar. It doesn’t understand that it’s bad or good. It makes decisions based on momentary impulse.

Most of the time we are serving our bodies rather than investing in long-term success. Our bodies are craving for a quick fix but that doesn't carry much value in itself. It’s just a momentary pleasure that knows how to advertise itself.

That's the way our brains are wired. We choose the quick way of the least resistance. We don't want to work for hours and only then get the reward of satisfaction. Especially, when we have an opportunity to enjoy a small-effort reward in a couple of seconds.

The stack of pleasures

The pleasures our bodies go after look like a pile. Those things our bodies crave the most are usually on the top of a stack of desires. They scream louder than pleasures bellow. Bellow are desires that have significantly more value and they do no harm us. These are the desires of the heart.

If you started a water fast, your body won’t be desiring to watch your favorite TV series as much as food. If you had food, comfort and a bunch of free time, you probably won’t have a big desire to study the book you’ve been putting off for months. You’ll probably end up scrolling through Facebook or Instagram for hours until comes the time to cook dinner.

I’ve been there so many times! However, I know it’s not good and I want to naturally desire to go for activities that improve the value in my life. My heart desires good but the body has a louder scream and better marketing skills.

How to manipulate our unhealthy habits to our benefit?

The problem is that something in our bodies always tempts us to do things on the top of the pile. Therefore, if we desire to do things on the top we should hack the system and somehow remove harmful topmost desires with easy access. In doing that all the activities that will change our lives for the better are going to rise to the surface.

If there are some resistance and discomfort you started feeling, you have to ask yourself a simple question. Would you rather have a successful business or watch a couple of intriguing videos on Youtube about cats and dogs and achieve perfectly round zero? Would you be willing to sacrifice momentary pleasure impulses in order to reach a happy and rewarding life?

If you say yes, let’s continue.

The good news is that the desires haven’t hijacked your free will to make rational decisions. You can choose the desires of your heart! If you want a change, you need to look at your activities and check what your heart actually desires to do. Most of the time you'll find that it’s not what your body wants to do.

Your job is to prune your flesh desires in order to get to the place where activities you desire in your heart become more pleasurable than anything else. If you don’t do that you’ll fall over and over again into the same unproductive patterns. These patterns will only cause you to be regretful of your time and decisions.

Be building the passions of your heart. It’s just a matter of time and perseverance until that gets a boost and you won’t even think of doing anything unproductive.

Become aware of the desires of your body. Take a dopamine detox. It’s a fight that is well worth fighting and winning back what distractions kept from you. You might not feel the excitement in the beginning, but after a while, you’ll experience a lot of joy and satisfaction from the work you do. It will only think of the passion and it will raise your excitement.

I went through it and I have no regrets. Maybe, only a wish I started earlier. I found many new ways for a quick fix when I want to relax. they are not addictive and don’t draw my focus away from the passion of my heart I went after.

Make the right choice and don't give in to a short impulse. You can do it!


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