Recognize Your Passion to Unlock Your Superpower

Some people call it a dream, others passion, mission, or purpose of life. It’s a driving force that keeps people alive because they see their meaning in life.

Passion is something that draws your heart and gives weight to who you are. Yet, some might struggle to point a difference between a passion and a desire.


Temporal Versus Long-Term


Desire doesn't have a long life-span. They're quick to arise and fast to disappear.

Passion cannot be extinguished. It doesn’t need success in order to continue burning. If your passion is writing, you’re not discouraged to the point of quitting when you don’t see success. You enjoy writing for what it is.

When you have a passion, it’s easy to show up every day. It’s not about the result as much as the process.

Desires are dying one by one. It takes barely any time until they wither. Passions have a different make-up, they stick like a good friend in trouble. No matter the storm or how difficult it is to persevere. Passions are the ice breakers that feel the impact but doesn’t get stopped by them.


Empty Versus Fulfilling


If you got a desire to play a video game, you’re familiar with the feeling afterward. A sense of wasted time. Although the desire was strong, we don’t get fulfillment on the inside when we act on the momentary desire.

While desire leaves you with a sense of emptiness, passion holds the power to fulfill. It doesn’t mean you conquered mountains. One small step in the path of your passion gives more than hours of watching Netflix.


Distraction Versus the Force to Move Through


Many times following the passion consists of doing things we have no desire for. There is a necessary background work that has to be done to take you to the next level or to prepare the foundation.

For example, a passion to raise children includes changing a diaper. Nobody has a desire to mess with the diaper, but it’s considered a part of growth.

That’s why desires are distractions. Staying up until 4 am watching YouTube videos might look more attractive than preparing for your next day's work.

If you set your eyes on the passion deep in your heart, you’ll find the motivation to push through boring activities. It won’t matter how tedious some tasks are. It will matter that you moved forward in the direction of your passion.


How to Know Your Passion?


I’ll ask you a simple question:

If you were financially set for the rest of your life, what would you fill your days with?

That’s a question that can point towards the passion you have.

Some people say: “this person can skip a meal, but they won’t skip…”. Then they mention their passion.

Remember: your passion is the footstool that will help you to stand taller in the crowd.

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