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So nervous!

Will Bitcoin Maintain It's Value Over Time?

By ChippahFawkYeah | EmotionsRunDeep | 10 May 2020

This is a question that I have really been struggling with for a while, especially now that I am literally all in on BTC since I am a member of MTI which compounds my bitcoin on a daily basis. The thought is scary-"What if I spend years growing my bitcoin, only for it to be worth the same amount of money I initially invested in the end (therefore being a huge waste of time and chances to invest in other things that could have brought me real gains), or ends up being worth nothing?". The reason this makes me so nervous is I know that Bitcoin is essentially old technology, and the only thing really providing its value is the name brand power. I know personally when I send Bitcoin, it takes about a half-hour to an hour to reach that person and they are multiple dollars shorter than what I sent them.


Then you look at XRP, which arrives in the other wallet by the time I can click the button to look in it. And it costs me thousands of a one cent. So how is it possible that Bitcoin won't be so antiquated in another couple years that nobody cares to spend money on it anymore? There are so many opinions in the cryptosphere and it seems like you can never get an accurate, straightforward and believable answer. Especially since everybody is contradicting each other and speaking from their bias of their favorite coins.

Is it possible for a crypto world to exist where Bitcoin, being dinosaur technology, exists and maintains its value while use-cases and speed become what's important? I know bitcoin's code is designed to make it mine less and less until about 2140 A.D., but I just have so much trouble believing anybody will even care about it by then, let alone long before then.


So I am writing this post to express my fears and concerns, and hoping you guys will put some thoughts into the comment section. And please try to remove your bias and unreal-ism as much as possible. I understand the answer is basically "No one knows", I truly get that, but I just want to know what some of the possibilities are, and the factors that determine how this plays out.

Thank you so much, I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday and keeping their head above water with the coronavirus situation.



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