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An awesome, little-known interactive cryptocurrency app!

By ChippahFawkYeah | EmotionsRunDeep | 17 Apr 2020

Think, "Pokemon Go", but cryptocurrency! It's called Aircoins.

Apparently its been out for over a year, and I am amazed I hadn't heard of it until last night. The idea is, you walk around outside and "treasure hunt" for random cryptocurrency coins. Most, if not all of them, no one will have ever heard of, but upon checking several exchanges, they do have real value, albeit very little. Some of the coins you can capture while walking around outside are: ACTN (Action Coin), AIRx (Aircoin, the app's native crypto), DMX (whatcha really wantttttt!) (nah, actually called Dark Matter token), ECA (Electra), GWP (Green World Project), LYS (Lightyear), MNP, MUXE, NTK (Netkoin), RPD (Rapids), RPIcoin, SRK (SparkPoint), and more!

WHen you walk around outside, you have the ability to view a virtual 2D map that shows you the general location of the coins. You can then enter AR (augmented reality mode), and when you are close enough to a coin, you will see its logo floating in the middle of your actual camera lens. Its very cool!

And since my blog mainly has to do with EMOTIONS experienced during interacting with cryptocurrency, I thought this would be the perfect second entry into my hopefully long-time blog history here at PublishOx!

Guys, I LOVE this app. I suppose it was only a matter of time before this concept was applied to cryptocurrency, but I certainly didn't see it coming and I am so happy I discovered it! As far as I can tell, there are no withdrawal abilities yet. However I can verify that you actually do own the coins you hunt for in the world. And I can only assume they will add this function later once the app becomes more popular.

I immediately noticed I wanted to walk everywhere, and it becomes really addicting deciding to chase down that coin that is just 100 meters or so away. You sort of feel like a kid again when hunting for coins, and its very easy to lose track of time. The app comes with a "wallet" screen, which has several layout abilities to show you what you have collected so far and how much of each. 

They may be "sh**coins" now, but we have seem random little projects explode out of nowhere. And since its such a cool concept, I think its absolutely foolish not to start grabbing these coins now before this gets huge. Also because I am pretty sure the coins stay gone once you claim them.

Get out there and go TREASURE HUNTING! Iphone and Android supported.

And please thumbs up this, comments and tips appreciated. But your time is most valuable to me above all.

Matthew <3


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