Magik Herb

Magik Herb

They say weed is a drug,

But it makes me feel better.

They say it shouldn’t be allowed,

So I must suffer.

They say it destroys your health,

But I know this to be false.

They say it has social risks,

Have they not been in a pub at all?

They say it’s better for society this way,

No magik herb called cannabis,

No matter what you say,

Let’s hope you’re not cancerous,

Cause they’ll nuke your insides and destroy your good blood cells.

Answer this,

Why must little Ava leave her home?

Just to treat her Dravet Syndrome,

Why must I be considered a criminal?

My conditions are incurable.

Why must the elderly suffer?

Weed is proven to help Alzheimer's,

Why should we be convicted?

When we just want to ease our complications,

By becoming medicinal cannabis patients.

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Emerald Witch
Emerald Witch

Irish mammy and wife 💚🇮🇪


These are the poems I have written throughout the years and any new ones I write. I don't write often and only usually write poetry when I am depressed. Hope someone enjoys them. 💚

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