Spanish Point

By the Sea




This is down the road from the farm where we have our plots, when the weather is nice we go here after the farm for something to eat. They have the nicest sausage rolls.




And there is a spectacular view. There are loads of benches and places to sit and eat while enjoying the amazing views. It's great for kids to run around away from the road, just keep them at a safe distance from the edge.




The hotel here has done an amazing job during the lockdown nonsense. They adapted by providing a takeaway service to locals and they have added loads of outdoor dining options like a fish and chip van (my favourite), an ice-cream shack, a pizza hut and a café serving drinks, cakes, cookies, sandwiches, sausage rolls etc... out of a hatch and they are lucky to have loads of outdoor space with benches and of course the beach is only a five minute walk away.




This is one of my favourite places to go with the kids, it helps that I know the people here so it makes it more comfortable for me and being outdoors we don't have to wear the stupid muzzles. As the weather gets nicer the place will get busier and less enjoyable for me.



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