Trust the Process

By TheBetterMe | The Better Me Blog | 18 Oct 2021

Life has a way of unfolding things to us. As the dictionary gave us the process meaning, it happens because you are going to achieve something. It could be something great and sometimes it'll be a life changer for you. It could turn from nothing to something.


Life changing process could be your turning point in life. Sometimes, you'll start from a really messed up situation, and you'll notice that gradually, your life is becoming better and better day by day. The crying at 3am when everything feels like falling apart and you've got no one else to turn to will be silenced. Because there will come a time that you will be living your best life.

Here's some of the things to remember when you are still in the pace where everything seems like a problem and is giving you so much pressure. Think of it as a preparation for you because you are about to receive a great blessing.

  3 Things to Remember when Undergoing Life Changing Process

  • Have faith in the process.You are where you are because you chose to be there. The decisions you made greatly affects where you are in your life right now. You stand where you are right now because you firmly believe a year ago, or maybe a month or weeks ago, you'll be in that situation where you are now. If somehow you feel like you're losing the battle, or feeling a little bit tired, remember why you started. Do not lose your faith to what you believed and work hard for. Never lose sight of that because that will be your armour during your life conquest.

  • Do not rush the process.Feel every moment of the life changing process. Feel the fear, the joy, the rain while the storm is brawling outside you. Feel and remember everything. It'll be something you'll learn and use in the coming battles your gonna conquer on your journey to where you want to be. Do not rush things. Success is sweet if you know you really work hard for it and not easily handed down to you. Savor every moment for the joy that is coming is far greater than your struggles. Remember the butterflies, before having a beautiful set of wings, they must first endure the dark life inside of their cocoon? If you try to break the cocoon forcefully, it will die.

  • Act accordingly and don't easily give up.Messed up situations and a lot of struggles put us up to so much pressure, that sometimes it feels like you've got no other choice but to give it all up. That is alright to feel. That's where pausing for a bit will enter. Have a break. Take a breath from all those things that is putting you from so much pressure. Take a rest. But don't give up. Do not quit on what you want and who you want to be. Messing things up sometimes are all part of the process. Don't think of it as something that will hinder you from achieving your goals but instead learn from it. And then, use what you learned along your journey. Remember,your situation or what is happening in your life right now will never be the one to determine how far you'll go and achieve from life. It's how you will act and handle whatever life is throwing at you. If life continues to throw bricks at you, use that bricks to build your empire. You've got goals. You have to see an opportunity in everything.

We all go through different stages and changes in life. It's all part of life's process. We won't stay child forever where everything will be easy and anything we want will be handed down to us. It won't always be easy even if you think you've got the hang of it. There will always be tough times, but it won't stay that way. Always believe in yourself and your dreams. And if you have achieved all the great things in life, always stay humble and share the blessings you're receiving to the people around you.

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The Better Me Blog
The Better Me Blog

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