Anime and Why I like them?

By El.Vin | El.Vin | 29 Aug 2020

My mom always scolded me for watching those "big-eyed" characters and those characters who possess magic, power, or sorcery since it is unrealistic and does not involve something in the real world. But still, I prefer being scolded than not watching animes.


Reasons why I like them:

  • Story - most story plot on anime is not obvious. I mean who knows what will happen next. It's really exciting, depends on the genre your watching.

  • Animation - I am amazed by those who created these animations. They have a lot of creativity and must have very long patience. Animating something takes time so it must be really hard.

  • Lessons - You can learn something from it. Still depends on what anime you watching though. Like "PokeMon" and "Naruto", they taught me to value friends and to ask them for help if you need one. You must not do it alone.

  • Friends - You can earn friends. If you two have watched the same anime, it might be a starting point in which you can share your thought and opinions. You might be best friends in the near future.

Thanks for reading.

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