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By elkaede | elkaede | 12 Mar 2021

I am kind of new in the world of cryptocurrencies and I do not understand very well how things work, in recent months I have looked for different ways to get a few cryptocurrencies or some tokens and to be realistic I have achieved very little.

I have tried in many ways, faucets, miners, cloud miners and probably many sites that will end up being a scam, but I'm only looking to get it for free, because I don't have money to invest and my computer is not the most powerful to be able to get some profit, but recently I found the airdrops.
And not totally understand how how this works, many of them promise a considerable amount of tokens, in exchange for very simple tasks, I will probably put a couple inside this post, but not too many I do not want it to become spam, it makes me ask , What do the people behind these bots earn?

I understand that, with the new tokens, the purpose is to increase the amount of market that each of these coins has, but there are cases that call my attention, for example these bots Uniswap and Farm, both are units that already have a value, actually a good value, people fight to have it in their wallets,  they already have a market. So what do the people who distribute it win?

How are these business models that winning giving away?

Sometimes I ask myself the same thing about this same page, but I understand a little more the business model, creating content usually is profitable, I spent a lot of time on that before the changes in Google's policies.

The theories that come to my mind and that you could help me to solve doubts are the following:

Save and exchange the currency
When it comes to giving away a few coins, the amount of currency trading rises, causing it to cost more and people who are not exchanging them, who have enough saved, will be greatly benefited thanks to this, a kind of speculation seeking to get more.

Find people to stake.
I do not usually trust the pages that invite you to do this, but in this small period I have met people who left their coins for a few years to grow and now they have a much higher value, although I have also met many others that do so and sadly they lost their coins.

Keep the business running
This is a very common practice in business, but with how new these coins are, I am surprised that there are so many who are interested in doing so, regularly, usally when a company begins to have low sales, they have  to give away some of the overproduction. what for? At first as a strategy for new people to get to know their products, but there is also a much greater interest, it is preferable to give away a little quantity of product, than to allow prices to get devalued.

They are good people and love us.

They want that all of us have a little coin for posterity, I  know, this option is hard for me to believe, well I don't trust that the good intention of the world, I have a hard life, but if it is the case, I will accept all your charity you  can make donations they want to my wallets hahaha.

And what do you think? What is the reason for these fantastic Airdrops?

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