Support the fight against COVID-19 and earn some Elitecoin (1337) while doing so

The Folding@Home project allows you to donate your spare computing power to scientific research, currently with a strong focus on understanding COVID-19.

The Elitecoin foundation is supporting this initiative by rewarding users joining our team with Elitecoin.
At the moment, 140000 Elitecoin are distributed among the active folders every week.


This post will guide you through the setup and show you how to earn Elitecoin for your folding points.

  • Install the desktop client designed for your operating system from here: (Installation guide can be found on the same page.)
  • If you are simply interested in donating your computing power, this is all you need. Just start the client and fold away!
  • To receive payouts, you have to join our discord channel here:
  • Find the #tipbot room and type "!fah-register"
  • Our tipbot will provide you with your own personal Elitecoin address:
  • Just follow the message and use this address as your Folding@Home identity and join our team (234042)cf06007c2f4ac7c05e804d5c043dfe17fb97f0c8f1ef4b6d0fa91c432436034d.png
  • Now you have to wait until you've folded at least 150 points before typing "fah-register" on discord again.
  • That's it, you are now added to our list of folders and will receive weekly payouts as long you stay active.


For more information about Elitecoin check out:

More Elitecoin can be earned here:


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Elitecoin (1337) information
Elitecoin (1337) information

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