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GRIDNET OS is a state-of-the-art operating system shattering old limiting operating system technology as we know it. As we embrace innovation, a potent ecosystem opens to unite us globally to other operating systems without installation. GRIDNET OS was birthed out of decentralization, opening minds to a cull of potential powered by a decentralized virtual machine (VM). GRIDNETs GUI available on the Apple store is state-of-the-art high-tech offers an innovative, user-friendly experience. A truly innovated Halo greets you upon launch. Impressive! 

GridScript is the native language for GRIDNET OS, the bedrock for decentralized communities used for coding and user interface.


*GUI dApps -RARE coded Java/HTML/GridScript

*Access anywhere with a simple web browser on the device of your choice

*Intuitive High-tech experience

*Incentivized data exchange

*Heterogeneous Environment

*Host UNCENSORED web-pages 

*Real-time end-to-end encryption

GRIDNETs solid stance of values pledged to the community to maintain steadfastly abreast of innovation and keep the initial monetary rules. 

GRIDNET OS architecture consists of DAPPS coded via java/HTML/GridScript. The state domain holding the GRIDNET OS code becomes accessible through a web browser and DTI the decentralized interface. Ultimately the code is run through GRIDNET VM.

GRIDNETs Incentivized data exchange I have your attention; well done. Stateless channels incentivize the entire data exchange process employing certain protocols WebRTC, UDP quick, simple access JavaScrit via APIs. GRIDNET OS comes with all the bells and whistles beginning with end-to-end encryption of files, audios, and text within an onion routed ecosystem.

GRIDNET OS achieved a heterogeneous environment by porting the same data thru multiple platforms via binary encoding (BER), making Web-UI pliable as onion router communication across the vast landscape of mobile web browsers and nodes simultaneously.


Elliptic curve X25519 signature construct is engraved into GRIDNET OS Diffie Hellman handshakes as in symmetric encryption,  powered to encrypt and decrypt. The ECIES encryption strategy commonly used in GRIDNET OS is sent to someone's public key. The system flexibility allows for the ephemeral session key part of ECIES to be processed as a session key. 


Remote authentication system where users can securely log on without validation of any kind. If the user wishes to store activity on GRIDNET, authentication would be finalized through a QR code.


What good is a high-tech interface without a premium user experience? Usability can make or break a new technology. GRIDNET OS is out of this world renders an experience unlike any other while providing a high grade of anonymity. Currently testing on Apple, take it for a whirl. 


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