The boring plague

The boring plague

By espacioreal | elespacioreal | 7 Sep 2021

I swallowed the gin
as if it were squeezed orange.
thinking of satisfying myself,
I purged the bad time
in a public toilet
I lost, I felt the worst of losers
and so everything dance now in any corner
in the light of the lanterns
to see if these
they give me back some aura,
some podium, some trail,
to take away my hangover
and the boring plague
of this dry land.
But it's not about the alcohol or the grief
I'm not talking about the gin bottle
I mean indecorously
what would otherwise sound cheesy
or unable to be conceived
I speak perhaps of a god,
that being that I look for in the depths of my thirst
able to remedy the world and remedy myself
with a small drop of fresh water
that overflows in other corners
and I am missing in this cup.

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