The apotheosis of his love

By espacioreal | elespacioreal | 19 Apr 2022

Noble kindness,
vassal I am from its providence
and in kindness that courtes it,
Lighter Lucheres in the inheritance of him.
Singing a Beatific Salter
to the apotheosis of his love,
I, your dream man.
I give a note from heroic blessing
to a dignified holder simplicity
In the garment of the drug,
Graceful Florituras of glorious epithets.
What do you want my blush
of this colossal Umbraculum?
The illustrated madrigal of my reefs!
The balsamic piélago of the Céfiro!
Or the euphoric ejido of my palms!
Come to me, impetus of Aharaca!
with the sumptuousness of the Belfos of him.
Overflows with performance the charm of him,
when with a sweet and sensual rubbing
full the great Vesuvius of my entrails,
Come to me restless ostentation!
I know you
where the stars sow the night
and dream long early morning,
and you divine dance
It covers the light of every dawn.
Listen to me plethoric flare of my chest,
Reserve of brave wishes
and prodigate munifice about my effigy:
My heart joys,
Grown is in the jungle of your hug.

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