That looks fiercely

By espacioreal | elespacioreal | 14 May 2021

The old carpet on a wooden floor;
a parquet comes, gets up, starts, puts tar
and glue the new ribbons
then she seals it with hairspray.
She looks in the mirror
and changes clothes on the body of another
And winter turns the dirty river into stagnant frost.
The street has no eyes to look at itself,
clothes age without realizing it
and she even lets herself be pulled
or resurrects at an American fair
where girls combine stripes and flowers
with black nails
and they smile
Like they'll never crack their fingers
the enamel or the look
as if gangrene did not exist
in the gondola of expired meat.
Meanwhile a drill bug
drills the wood of the floor, just laid
and its satiated ignorance peeks through the holes;
those who eat the mirror mine
that looks fiercely
and she changes clothes on someone else's body.

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