Tasty fruits

By espacioreal | elespacioreal | 1 Dec 2021

Cactus, thorns,
tiny flower son
happy warmth.
North wind.
Joyful south, sunny breeze.
In love
Stinging sky.
Green countryside life.
Ripe wheat.
Tasty fruits
of the tree that gives life.
Goodbye loneliness.
Two eyes look,
withered sunflowers.
Light yellow.
Walnut ocher,
nuts for you. Sweet
lunar feast.
Petals, roses,
glass, warm morning,
Japan smiles. Peace.
Evil birds
blood and devastation.
Garden without love.
Hurricane Audaz.
Carob forest.
The wind passed.
Sad landscape,
black fields, absent.
Cry the water.
Dry branches, sunshine.
Pilgrim's heat.
Eternal dream.
A tear fell
snow, mountains, caves,
gold Silver. Passion.
A star I will go
motionless stone, fire,
anguish. Sleep.
Vaccinate grass.
Hungry siamese cat,
eat and die.
Tempest, shadows.
Lightning, lightning, thunder,
sighs. Afraid.
Give me water
my veins are dry.
I appreciate life.
Wooded jungle.
Wild, deer, games,
delicacy and dance.
caress the dawn.
Wake up day. Sun.
A seagull
escapes alone.
Black storm.
In the oasis
palm trees, fresh water
for Bedouin.
Soft tulip
on wet grave.
Sad offering.

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