By espacioreal | elespacioreal | 29 Apr 2023

June pulls sensations from the hands,
It opens your alveoli and detoxifies you,
makes your blood a whirlwind
and you come out screaming sudestadas.
The cycle alters women,
nipples harden
and their eyes fill up
with a certain brilliance of mischief.

It gets dark before,
sooner rather than later, and the lovers
they find themselves between clandestine kisses.
It is a good occasion for copulation
and for fellatio, HIV and cunnilingus...

The tongue and breath are always warm,
but outside everyone is warm, with scarves,
licking the cold to the bone.
I feel the exact roundness from your buttocks
and I get erect again...

I open your legs, I sip your lips...
Did not I tell you before?
June starts sensations from the hands.

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