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Iridescent wings

By espacioreal | elespacioreal | 1 May 2021

The bailiffs pile up
in the patio light
its iridescent wings
collide with each other.
It's night and the heat eases
we stay outside
we put together paper fans.
The moon is surrounded
of a halo of mist.
Toads take advantage of the bonanza
They go from one end of the corridor to the other.
We enter in the dark
so that the bugs do not get in.
The house maintains the torpor of the day.
The refusals of thunder
seep through the blind.
The rays fall far away
behind the mountains.
It costs to sleep.
I cover myself with the sheet,
light reflections scare me.
The first drops fall, heavy.
The thunder is coming
rumble loud
the glasses shake.
I squeeze my eyes
I cover my ears
but it is useless.
In the midst of the din and the water
my sister gets into my bed
she grabs my hand
she falls asleep right away.
A cool wind comes in that soothes.
I stay still, hardly breathing.

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