If the future

By espacioreal | elespacioreal | 30 Mar 2022

How heavy is the carrion of hell!
if we drink from its source its millennia.
If we swallow such devoted bitterness
that we cry more bitter drops count.
If the hands that wash the wounds,
They are the same ones that ruined other lives.
If the future that calls us is so true
do not believe the happiness of the uncertain.
That so many flowers paint the road
that we forget that they bleed intestines.
If you believe that this handkerchief will change,
do not trust the mud of this sky.
If we shed a tear in bed
only God blesses us if you call him.
Although you see his promises so far from him,
there is no choice but to trust the apple of him.
Someday we'll find the way out
if they breathe the courage that inspires them.
When you came
no man
he was giant
no powerful rival.
when you arrived you increased
the gallantry of my being.
I assure you, not even blue eyes
not a foreign language
They would be able to intimidate me.

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